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Community Service

There are numerous community service opportunities available in the Mississippi Delta. Below are a few recommended options for you and your volunteer group. For more information on community service in the Mississippi Delta, please contact our AmeriCorps VISTA at 662-325-0267.

Bolivar County Community Action Agency – Cleveland, MS

Bolivar County Community Action Agency

It is the mission of the Bolivar County Community Action Agency is to develop and implement, through direct sponsorship or delegation, programs that meet specific needs in the areas of health, education, housing, and community food services for low income children and families.

  • Contact Name, Position: Elnora Littleton, Executive Director
  • E-mail Address: squigydean@yahoo.com
  • Phone Number: 662-846-1491
  • Additional Contact/Number: 662-588-2669
  • Website: http://www.co.bolivar.ms.us/bccaa.htm
  • Physical Address: 810 East Sunflower Road, Eastgate Center, Suite 120, Cleveland, MS 38732
  • Community Service Description: painting projects, community garden maintenance, labeling and organizing books, and more.
  • Volunteer Requirements: none

Brown & Associates, Inc. – Indianola, MS

Brown & Associates, Inc.

Brown & Associates, Inc. provides "Effective Planning and Community Development Solutions geared towards assisting organizations, governmental entities, businesses, and communities in an effort that they are able to provide sustainable environments and endless opportunities for prosperity and success.

  • Contact Name, Position: EAdrian Brown, President
  • E-mail Address: abrown@brownandassociatesinc.net
  • Phone Number: 662-887-1146 or Toll-Free: 1-877-886-146
  • Website: http://www.brownandassociatesinc.net/
  • Physical Address: 517 East Baker Street, Indianola MS, 38751
  • Community Service Description: Brown & Associates, Inc. assists many non-profit organizations, school districts, boards of aldermen, and county board of supervisors with an array of projects that range from:
        1. Development of Community & Neighborhood Parks
        2. Housing Development
        3. Street Improvement Projects
        4. Water Improvement Projects
        5. Sewer Improvement Projects
        6. After School Programs
        7. Business Development
        8. Community Development
        9. Economic Development
        10. Healthcare Development
  • Volunteer Requirements: none

Cary Christian Center - Cary, MS

Mission:To actively proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to enable individuals to reach their full potential in Christ. We believe that God has called us to work with Him to break the cycle of poverty in the lives of those we serve. Poverty is a destructive lifestyle that sets limits and boundaries on an individual that prevents that individual from reaching their full potential. Our purpose is to break the cycles of poverty through relationships one person at a time. To begin breaking the cycles of poverty, we must build serious and significant relationships that are based on biblical principles. We build relationships with individuals through the various ministries by becoming involved in their lives which ultimately leads them to making healthy choices.

  • Contact Name, Position: Robert Jackson, Manager-Volunteer Ministry
  • Phone Number: 662-907-0540

Central Mississippi, Inc. – Winona, MS

  • Contact Name, Position: Pam Gary, Director
  • Email: pgary@cmicsp.org
  • Phone Number: 662-283-2227
  • Website: cmicsp.org/
  • Physical Address: 101 South Central Avenue, Winona MS.
  • Community Service Description: Work with Head Start facilities in Carroll and Holmes counties.
  • Volunteer Requirements: none

Charleston Arts and Revitalization Effort (CARE) – Charleston, MS

Charleston Arts and Revitalization Effort, Inc.

The mission of the Charleston Arts & Revitalization Effort (CARE) is to foster the economic growth and redevelopment of Charleston, MS through the arts and community involvement while preserving the historical significance and heritage of the town.

  • Contact Name, Position: Glenna Callender, Executive Director
  • E-mail Address: care1092@att.net
  • Phone Number: 662-647-0942
  • Website: http://www.charlestonartscenter.com
  • Additional Contact/Number: Jackie Jones, President, (662) 563-9179
  • Physical Address: 1 N. Market Street, Charleston, MS 38921
  • Community Service Description: The CARE Closet (a thrift store) with irregular hours—the 1st through 5th of each month 9am to 5pm and every Saturday morning 9am to noon:
    Assistance with mini-art camps and after school art programs
    Assistance with beautification projects
  • Volunteer Requirements: Background checks needed when working with students

Clarksdale High School Healthcorps – Clarksdale, MS

Students Building a Garden Students Building a Garden

Students partner with Ben Pinon, a Health Corps employee at Clarksdale High School, to help him prepare the school’s garden. Students help build raised flower beds, clean out existing flower beds, plant seeds, and build compost bins. Students also have the opportunity to interact with several students from Clarksdale High School and talk to them about college.

Our mission is to implement an innovative in-school model that inspires teens to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

  • Contact Name, Position: HealthCorps Coordinator
  • Phone Number: 662-627-8530
  • Website: www.HealthCorps.org
  • Physical Address: 1101 Wildcat Dr. Clarksdale MS, 38614
  • Community Service Description: school garden maintenance, Martin Luther King Day of Service, Juke Joint Festival booths, and health fairs.
  • Volunteer Requirements: none

Coahoma Opportunities, Inc. – Clarksdale, MS

Coahoma Opportunities, Inc.

It is the mission of Coahoma Opportunities, Inc. to connect resources that address unmet needs and to motivate and empower families to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become self-sufficient, viable, and contributing members of the community.

  • Contact Name, Position: Billy Martin
  • Email: markman111@bellsouth.net
  • Phone Number: 662-624-4115
  • Website: www.coahomaopportunities.org
  • Physical Address: 115 Issaquena Avenue, Clarksdale, MS 38614
  • Community Service Description: painting projects, community garden maintenance, labeling and organizing books, help with seasonal fairs and projects. Contact for more information..
  • Volunteer Requirements: none

Delta Fresh Food Initiative – Clarksdale, MS

To build comprehensive, sustainable, equitable local food systems in the MS Delta to provide economic development, improved health outcomes, social equity in the region.

  • Contact Name, Position: Dr. Deborah Moore, Board Chair
  • E-mail Address: dmoore@deltahealthalliance.org
  • Phone Number: 662-404-5004
  • Website: www.deltafreshfoods.org
  • Physical Address: office is located in Hernando MS
  • Community Service Description: Projects include building and maintaining school and community gardens.
  • Volunteer Requirements: We rely on partnering agencies to screen and supervise volunteers they provide for specific projects

Delta Grace – Sunflower, MS

Delta Grace

Delta Grace is a year-round mission hub that provides mission opportunities, beds, showers, kitchen facilities, and a meeting room for mission teams that stay within the hub facility. Our purpose is to match mission teams with mission work within an hour radius of the hub.

  • Contact Name, Position: Veronica Pritchard, Pastor
  • E-mail Address: veronicapritchard@hotmail.com
  • Phone Number: 662-466-2167
  • Physical Address: 510 Sunflower Ave, P.O. Box 7, Sunflower, MS 38778
  • Community Service Description:
  • Volunteer Requirements:Must provide proof of health insurance.

Delta National Forest – Rolling Fork, MS

U.S. Forest Service Mission Statement: “To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present future generations.”

Mission Statement:
To provide an opportunity for the community and the public to contribute to the sustainability of the Delta National Forest.

  • Contact Name, Position: Megan Annison, Volunteer Coordinator
  • E-mail Address: meganannison@fs.fed.us
  • Website: http://www.fs.usda.gov/mississippi/
  • Phone Number: 662-873-6256
  • Physical Address: 68 Frontage Road, Rolling Fork, MS 39159
  • Community Service Description: We are seeking volunteers to help improve resources (trails, campsites, recreation areas, etc.), assist with general clean up (trash, natural debris, etc.), and contribute ideas and helping hands to upcoming projects.
  • Cultural/Historical Description: Guided group tours are available upon request.
  • Volunteer Requirements:
    • • Volunteer Application
    • • Volunteer Agreement
    • • Orientation & Safety Training
    • • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
    • • Track your hours!
  • Other: PPE such as gloves, safety glasses, and hard hats are provided. Please wear long sleeves, long pants, and boots.

Institute of Community Services, Inc. – Holly Springs, MS

  • Contact Name, Position: Fergenia Hood, Director
  • E-mail Address: fhood@ics-hs.org
  • Phone Number: 662-252-1582, ext. 150
  • Website: www.ics-hs.org
  • Community Service Description: Work with Head Start facilities in Tunica, Tate, Desoto, Quitman, Panola, and Tallahatchie counties. Community garden work, painting projects, and more.
  • Volunteer Requirements: None

Lead Center – Sunflower County Freedom Project – Sunflower, MS

Painting Group Photo

Students paint several rooms in the LEAD center, which stands for Love, Education, Action, and Discipline. Students also have the opportunity to interact with participants of the Freedom Project by playing games, sharing a dinner together, and having a discussion on higher education.

To create a corps of academically capable, socially conscious, and mentally disciplined young leaders in the Mississippi Delta.

  • Contact Name, Position: Vaish Shastry, Executive Director
  • E-mail Address: vaish.shastry@gmail.com
  • Phone Number: 662-569-2441
  • Website: www.sunflowerfreedom.org
  • Physical Address: 120 Delta Avenue, Sunflower, MS 38778
  • Community Service Description: Tutoring students, cleaning/maintenance on building, beatification of community, community garden work
  • Volunteer Requirements: None

Levee Run Poultry Farm – Greenwood, MS

Levee Run Poultry Farm

Our mission is to grow food in a manner that is sustainable on our family farm. To be sustainable we must make a profit, protect the farm environment (land, water, and air), and provide educational opportunities.

  • Contact Name, Position: Leann Hines, Owner
  • E-mail Address: kenleann@bellsouth.net
  • Phone Number: 662-392-4189
  • Additional Contact/Number: Kenneth Hines, 662-453-9482 or Lee Hines, 662-392-9339
  • Website: www.leveerunfarm.org/index.html
  • Physical Address: 802 Grenada Blvd., Greenwood, MS
  • Community Service Description: clearing and tilling to prepare for vegetable planting, planting transplants, moving chickens, and general spring cleaning on the farm.
  • Volunteer Requirements: Wear closed toe shoes and bring gloves

Mega-Mississippians Engaged in Greener Agriculture – Shelby, MS

Building the Greenhouse Digging the Garden

To improve the economic and health conditions of the Mississippi Delta through increased education and resources.

  • Contact Name, Position: Dorothy Grady Scarbrough, Director
  • E-mail Address: dotscarbrough@bellsouth.net
  • Phone Number: 662-402-4798
  • Website: Facebook Page
  • Physical Address: 1503 South Broadway Street, Shelby MS 38774
  • Community Service Description: community garden maintenance: planting, upkeep, and beautification projects.
  • Volunteer Requirements: none

Quapaw Canoe Company – Clarksdale, MS

Students Cleaning Up the River Student looking at a River Map

Students participate in the 1 Mississippi Campaign River Clean Up as part of a service-learning activity with Quapaw Canoe Company. 1 Mississippi is an initiative to protect the land, water, and people of the Mississippi River. Students canoe down the MS River to an island and pick up trash around the island.

Our ultimate goal is health and happiness. Health through paddling and caring for America’s rivers. Happiness through experience of the wilderness.

  • Contact Name, Position: John Ruskey, Founder
  • E-mail Address: john@island63.com
  • Phone Number: 662-627-4070
  • Website: www.island63.com
  • Physical Address: 291 Sunflower Avenue, Clarksdale, MS 38614
  • Community Service Description: trash pick up
  • Volunteer Requirments: Bring protective footwear, gloves, and appropriate river attire. Contact John Ruskey for details.

Sunflower-Humphreys Counties Progress – Indianola, MS

It is the mission of Sunflower-Humphreys County Progress, Inc. to take action to empower the children, families, and communities of Sunflower and Humphreys Counties through all programs.

  • Contact Name, Position: Louise Bradford Lloyd, Executive Director
  • E-mail Address: louisebshcpi@yahoo.com
  • Phone Number: 662-887-1431 ext. 102 (Office)
  • Additional Contact/Number: Christopher Carpenter, dhcccarpenter@yahoo.com, 662-887-1431 ext. 126
  • Website: www.msacaa.com
  • Physical Address: 414 Martin Luther King Drive, Indianola, MS 38751
  • Community Service Description: WIWSCA housing opportunity, Mentor with adolescent offenders program, Paint buildings, Landscaping.
  • Volunteer Requirements: Background Check.

West Tallahatchie Habitat for Humanity – Tutwiler, MS

West Tallahatchie Habitat for Humanity

The mission of Habitat for Humanity is to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the face of the earth by building adequate and basic housing. Furthermore, all of our words and actions are for the ultimate purpose of putting shelter on the hearts and minds of people in such a powerful way that poverty housing and homelessness become socially, politically and religiously unacceptable in our nations and world. West Tallahatchie Habitat for Humanity builds houses for community members in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi. All of our houses are built with volunteer labor from groups across the United States.

  • Contact Name, Position: Jamekia Hilliard, Affiliate Coordinator
  • E-mail Address: wthabitat@yahoo.com
  • Phone Number: 662-345-6200
  • Physical Address: 202 Alma Street, Tutwiler, MS 38963
  • Community Service Description: West Tallahatchie Habitat provides service to build decent and affordable homes to improve the living conditions in which many people in Tallahatchie County currently live in.
  • Volunteer Requirements: Habitat simply could not exist without our volunteers! You are the backbone, heart and soul, hands and feet of Habitat whether you’re wielding a hammer, microphone, or donate building supplies!
    We require volunteers to be 16 years of age and above.

Y.O.U. Inc. – Marks, MS

Y.O.U. Program has enjoyed tremedous success since its establishment in 1992. The initiative grew out of the awareness that economically disadvantaged parenting teens and school dropouts lacked the basic environmental support and service essential for proper growth, development, and functioning society. The YOU program works closely with participating school districts in the identification and selection of youth at risk from ages 6-21 and provide services.

  • Contact Name, Position: Evelyn Jossell, Chief Executive Officer
  • E-mail Address: you@cableone.net
  • Phone Number: 662-326-4614 (Office)
  • Additional Contact/Number: Administrative Assistant, 662-444-0216
  • Website: www.youmsdelta.org/index.html
  • Physical Address: 1362 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Marks, MS 38646
  • Community Service Description: Mentoring students, cleaning/maintenance on building, youth development.
  • Volunteer Requirements: No felony record.

Location Regions:

  • (North of Highway 82)
  • (Highway 82 Corridor)
  • (South of Highway 82)

Population Centers:

  • (20,645)
  • (12,447)
  • (34,400)
  • (16,087)
  • (12,066)
  • (4,000)
  • (5,502)
  • (2,926)
  • (11,403)

Types of Service:

  • Clean-Up
  • & Community Gardens
  • & Community Dialogue