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Historical & Cultural Tours

There are numerous cultural and historical opportunities available in the Mississippi Delta. Below are a few recommended options for you and your volunteer group. For more information on historical and cultural tours in the Mississippi Delta, please contact our AmeriCorps VISTA at 662-325-0267.

B.B King Museum – Indianola, MS

B.B King Museum

The mission of the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center, a 501©(3) non-profit organization, is to empower, unite and heal through music, art and education and share with the world the rich cultural heritage of the Mississippi Delta. The vision is to inspire hope, creativity, and greatness.

  • Contact Name, Position: Robert Terrell, Director of Entertainment
  • E-mail Address: rterrell@bbkingmuseum.org
  • Phone Number: 662-887-9539
  • Additional Contact/Number: Gabby Hasty Hodge, Communications Coordinator
  • Website: www.bbkingmuseum.org
  • Physical Address: 400 Second Street, Indianola, MS 38751
  • Cultural/Historical Description: Self-guided Blues Tour.

Delta & Pineland Company – Learning Center "Monsanto" – Scott, MS

The Learning Center
  • Contact Name, Position: Dan Roach or Krista Fratesi
  • Phone Number: Krista: 662-742-4281 or Front Desk: 662-742-4000
  • Website: www.monsanto.com
  • Physical Address: 223 Salisbury Ave. Scott, MS 38772
  • Cultural/Historical Description: Guided Tour, Agricultural- Catfish/Aquatic & High Tech, Natural Resource/Environmental.

Delta Blues Museum – Clarksdale, MS

The Delta Blues Museum

The Delta Blues Museum is dedicated to creating a welcoming place where visitors find meaning, value, and perspective by exploring the history and heritage of the unique American musical art form of the blues.

  • Contact Name, Position: Lee Commer Pharr, Exhibits and Program Coordinator
  • E-mail Address: lee@deltabluesmuseum.org
  • Phone Number: 662-627-6820
  • Additional Contact/Number: Shelley Ritter, Executive Director, 662-627-6820, shelly@deltabluesmuseum.org
  • Website: www.deltabluesmuseum.org
  • Physical Address: 1 Blues Alley Lane, Clarksdale, MS 38614
  • Cultural/Historical Description: Guided Blues Tour.

Delta Blues Legends Tours – Greenwood, MS

Delta Blues Legends Tours

Mission: “Join me for an unforgettable journey through the history of the Blues. I designed the tour to give visitors to the Mississippi Delta an intimate Blues experience like none other in the world. You can walk the same path as Robert Johnson and other blues greats, visit historical sites that tell the story of the Blues, and most importantly, the people who played the Blues and the people who lived it.”—Sylvester Hoover

Delta Heritage Tours – Dr. Luther Brown – Cleveland, MS

Dr. Luther Brown

foster partnerships and educational opportunities that enhance, preserve, and promote the heritage of the Mississippi Delta. To ensure a balanced and sustainable approach to community and economic development and social transformation. To create links between people and institutions that will promote activities that improve, protect and advance the understanding of the Delta’s important past and its contributions to the American story.

Delta National Forest – Rolling Fork, MS

U.S. Forest Service Mission Statement: “To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present future generations.”

Mission Statement:
To provide an opportunity for the community and the public to contribute to the sustainability of the Delta National Forest.

  • Contact Name, Position: Megan Annison, Volunteer Coordinator
  • E-mail Address: meganannison@fs.fed.us
  • Website: http://www.fs.usda.gov/mississippi/
  • Phone Number: 662-873-6256
  • Physical Address: 68 Frontage Road, Rolling Fork, MS 39159
  • Community Service Description: We are seeking volunteers to help improve resources (trails, campsites, recreation areas, etc.), assist with general clean up (trash, natural debris, etc.), and contribute ideas and helping hands to upcoming projects.
  • Cultural/Historical Description: Guided group tours are available upon request.

Emmett Till Interpretive Center – Sumner, MS

Emmett Till Interpretive Center

We hope to help raise the conscience of a new generation of young people by telling the truth around Emmett Till and using arts to process his tragedy and imagine new possibilities for the future.

  • Contact Name, Position: Patrick Weems, Director
  • E-mail Address: Patrick@etmctallahatchie.com
  • Phone Number: 662-483-0048
  • Additional Contact: Rev. Willie Williams, 662-375-8325, willierenee@bellsouth.net
  • Website: http://emmett-till.org/
  • Physical Address: 123 Main Street, Sumner, MS 38957
  • Cultural/Historical Description: Guided educational tours, youth programs

Humphreys County Cultural Museum – Belzoni, MS

Our mission is to protect our rich African American Heritage. Our goal is to develop and implement structural, political, educational, and social change in our African American Communities and pass the legacy of our rich heritage on to present and future generations.

Lower Mississippi River Museum – Vicksburg, MS

Lower Mississippi River Museum
  • Phone Number: 601-638-9900
  • Website: www.lmrm.org
  • Physical Address: 910 Washington Street, Vicksburg, MS 39183
  • Cultural/Historical Description: Self-guided Tour.

Museum of the Mississippi Delta – Greenwood, MS

Museum of the Mississippi Delta

North Greenwood Baptist Church (NGBC) - Greenwood, MS

North Greenwood Baptist Church is a purpose driven church that seeks to fulfill the call of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ. NGBC prayerfully seeks to accomplish these by:
G—glorifying God through meaningful worship
R—relating together in biblical community
A—applying God’s truths through discipleship
C—cultivating a lifestyle of service
E—expanding God’s Kingdom through evangelism

  • Contact Name: Terry Barnes, Associate Pastor of Education & Administration
  • E-mail Address: terry@ngbc.com
  • Phone Number: (662) 453-2801
  • Additional Contact/Number: Patricia Etheridge
  • Website: www.ngbc.com
  • Physical Address: 615 Grand Boulevard, Greenwood, MS 38930
  • Lodging Description: Church/Rec. Center

Rock & Blues Museum - Clarksdale, MS

Rock & Blues Museum

The mission of the Rock & Blues Museum is to serve as an educational resource preserving the rich history and evolution of American music from blues, country and gospel to rockabilly, rhythm & blues, soul, and rock ‘n roll, including rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock, funk, punk, and heavy metal. The museum exhibits music memorabilia spanning several decades, from the 1920s through the 1970s. The museum shows not only the influence of American music, from its roots in Blues to its life in American pop culture, but also its impact on popular music and culture around the world. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established in Clarksdale, Mississippi. All donations and contributions made to the museum may be tax deductible. (consult with your tax advisor)

  • Phone Number: 901-605-8662
  • Website: blues2rock.com
  • Physical Address: 113 E. Second Street
  • Description: Self-guided tour
  • Cost: $5.00/person

Quapaw Canoe Company and 1 Mississippi – Clarksdale, MS

Students Cleaning Up the River Student looking at a River Map

Students participate in the 1 Mississippi Campaign River Clean Up as part of a service-learning activity with Quapaw Canoe Company. 1 Mississippi is an initiative to protect the land, water, and people of the Mississippi River. Students canoe down the MS River to an island and pick up trash around the island.

Our ultimate goal is health and happiness. Health through paddling and caring for America’s rivers. Happiness through experience of the wilderness.

  • Contact Name, Position: John Ruskey, Founder
  • E-mail Address: john@island63.com
  • Phone Number: 662-627-4070
  • Website: www.island63.com
  • Physical Address: 291 Sunflower Avenue, Clarksdale, MS 38614
  • Community Service Description: trash pick up
  • Volunteer Requirments: Bring protective footwear, gloves, and appropriate river attire. Contact John Ruskey for details.

Tunica River Park Museum - Tunica, MS

Tunica River Park Museum

Winterville Indian Mounds – Greenville, MS

Winterville Mounds

Location Regions:

  • (North of Highway 82)
  • (Highway 82 Corridor)
  • (South of Highway 82)

Population Centers:

  • (20,645)
  • (20,645)
  • (12,447)
  • (34,400)
  • (16,087)
  • (12,066)
  • (4,000)
  • (5,502)
  • (2,926)
  • (11,403)

Types of Historical/Cultural Experience:

    • /Environmental